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With Arms Flailing November 6, 2011

Posted by Charith in Observations.
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Give it a little sugar, or some form of sweetener (natural beats artificial) because here on the grand interconnected webs we’re all neighbours.

Ever feel excited? No? You poor human. I’d like to say I can help, but I’m quite clumsy and it might just end with your terrible haircut and me sobbing in corner of a hot-air balloon (in that basket thing.) What I can do, however, is feel the thrill for you while you act it out.

Yes? Maybe? Don’t know?

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I’m sorry to inform you that if you’ve read this far, you now have very little choice in the matter.

Now, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty darn spectacular when it comes to feeling excited. My heart rate speeds up to what ought to be the average and my brain processes so quickly that I can’t even form definite ideas. In short, not too different from my outward self. Truly, I know how to feel, but expressing is a completely different ball game. Last year, I had a tutor who complained that my internal thoughts were impossible to read. Apparently I have an initial reaction, but from then on, fresh paper is less blank than my face. Apparently it happens in karaoke as well. Awkward (but true) story – one that I will not go into.

For this reason, I came close to not going to Europe next year. My daddio thought I had no interest in the trip, so was telling the universe exclusive to my household that he’d be going alone. I suppose my cancellation of plans to go to the Australian Open and Big Day Out didn’t do the ‘I have emotions’ trick. Trial and error, my friends.

In Take #2, I decided to take the assertive path. Words were exchanged, tables thrown, stars collided, but in the end telling him explicitly that I want to go to Europe despite his theories and fantasies was all it took. Elbow grease for the mouth – do try it.

While that situation is all dandy and fine for now, I hardly think that words are the best way for people to express themselves. It’s like when people say, “That’s funny,” instead of laughing: it’s not something that one can sit right with. Some day, I’ll have a repertoire of appropriate actions to use when I’m excited.

For now, however, I’ll be content to just sit here, flailing my arms and considering my completely rational love for Die Hard.

– Deft



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