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We here at Subtle Suspense bring you posts on anything about everything. The team consists of three people, as shown in the sidebar of our site, but I’ll put our names here as well. There’s Raptor AKA Another Soul – he’s the founder of our original blog and we wouldn’t be here without him. Next up is Geo – our self proclaimed anti-Asian who has something to say every now and then. Last is myself, Deft-Monkey, but just call me Deft because it’s easier and sounds less stupid. Think of me as the pleasant guy who enjoys a hot cup of tea, an unrivaled standard for the opposite sex, and who just generally likes to float your boat… Or not.

We all have different writing styles, so hopefully that will keep our posts interesting and you coming back to read them. We want our site to be used by people all over the world, so spread the word like STIs or a better comparison might be how rabbits spread – through rapid and mass reproduction.

Well, enjoy yourselves and comment because we love feedback and whatever else you have to say!

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