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Done and dusted. November 4, 2010

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Well I actually finished last Monday but there’s no harm in posting now. Deft should be finishing tomorrow and I have no idea when the hell the other guy finishes. This post will be short and sweet.

It’s good that it’s over. It seems after all that hard work (read: pre-exam cramming), it really was sort of good for me in the end. No, not really. I did enjoy it though. All the times at school, causing shenanigans, those are the times I’ll miss the most. The good times and the bad times are things you just never forget, especially in high school.

My father once told me that friends you make after high school won’t always be around forever, but friends you do make in high school stick around until you die. I really hope this is true because the people I’ve met the past six years have been special. Nothing gay, just special (maybe a little bit).

Anyway, the beginning of the end is upon us now and for the next couple months, it’ll just be partying until we pass out. Seriously need to get a good NYE party going and get Deft hammered because I have never seen him drink ever.

And in the final spirit of the HSC, I leave you with an image that has guided my life for the past twelve months as I’ve endured the good times and the bad, even the ugly.

I think is my first post to not have a swear. Also there are quite a lot of clichés in this I hope you all ignore.


And so… October 13, 2010

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…the reckoning begins…



Bromance September 22, 2010

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I’m sitting here listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift and I just feel so sad that it’s over. After six years, I can’t believe that we all made it. Together. This will be a short post because there isn’t really much to say except that I miss everyone already. We may be an all boys’ school but the love is strong, or should I say, bromance. Last night I got a bit teary during the speeches, it’s hard to imagine how life will be afterwards without everyone being there. All the support over the years has kept me alive and happy, never a truly sad moment. From getting arvos for untucked shirts and a baby entering the Normo traditions, we’ve all had exciting moments. This is getting pretty fucking sentimental now.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you for everything.

Repent, repent, the end is near.. September 20, 2010

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Wow, time has gone past so fast, I haven’t had time to catch up on my work (not that I would). The last day of school has passed and now we’re faced with three weeks of hardcore study. I can sense the fat pulling on already from staying at home all day and cramming my head full of shit that I most probably won’t need to know once I’m done with the HSC. It’s times like this that you can’t help but reminisce the first time I stepped into Normo and witnessed the shittacular magic that is our school. Though, with the amount of crap I’ve been pumping into my body the last six years, I really can’t remember much. Analogies are thrown all over the place but the one particular one I personally like is using a proper dinner course. We’ve gotten the drinks out of the way, the entrée was a breeze to stuff down, the main was juicy and meaty and now we have dessert. Paincakes.. I mean pancakes.


FMH September 10, 2010

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Yes, I know. You thought it said FHM. FMH is something I came up with in a dream where I stabbed a lot of people because you know, it’s normal to have those dreams. Self-explanatory really, Fuck My HSC. I’m really not down with this whole concept of having thirteen years of work crammed into the ultimate examination period we will experience for years to come. It’s quite really a ton of bullshit. The gravity of this pile of bullshit will eventually turn on us and fling it at our face in which case we’ll all contract gonorrhea, pink eye, or syphilis, or possibly all of them.


So it begins.. August 9, 2010

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Trials. Fucking trials. Are actually over for me now but not for Deft and that other fag. Shit is seriously going down nowadays. I’m sorry for not posting as much but it’s not like anyone ever read what I had to say. For once I won’t talk about something automotive-related. My creative juices are drained.

no studying


I Hope Your Mags Burn March 30, 2010

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I despise people. Well, just a certain group of people. Drivers. Well, just a certain group of drivers. People who don’t obey road rules.

Now, we aren’t all saints and obey every single little road rule but there are just some that pickle my noodle. Driving in essence is just simplicity. It’s a matter from getting from point A to point B in a shorter length of time rather than us having to walk. We do it because it’s easy and helpful and we are all lazy. But we all know the things that we don’t do when we drive. Mainly because it’s unnecessary and no one else seems to do it and those are excusable. Some of those items include, speeding a tiny bit now and then (you’re breaking the law so you deserve a fine when you get caught), indicating out of a round-a-bout (it’s bullshit but people still do it infact), driving without shoes, sometimes with thongs or barefooted (oddly illegal), and not having a three second distance (whether this is law or just a hazard, I cbf check).

example: God hates you


What is this I don’t even.. January 26, 2010

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It’s been a while since any of us have posted so I thought, why not make the first 2010 post commemorative. Do read on.

Okay, let’s talk about somewhat related but may or may not be at all. That’s right. Think about it for a second. Yeah? The picture will help you. Automobiles, vehicles, cars, whatever you call them. They always have a certain quality to them, or the real special ones (like the Bugatti Veyron) a little bit of the Midas’ touch. As some of you may know, I hate a lot of cars. Not because they’re expensive or aren’t fast enough; simply because they’re just absolute pieces of shit. Like real fuckboxes. Totally unsuitable for anyone but a faggot to drive. Some of you may be insulted, but really, if you’re reading this blog, just harden the fuck up.

In my solid opinion, the automotive industry should be divided into four separate catagories:

  • Japanese
  • American (lol, GM)
  • Others
  • Fuckqualityvalueandallthatwepayforandexpectogetbutdon’t
  • Now, expect me to just indulge into the fourth category we have here. Take a look at that faggot tree. What do we see in common here? Kia, Hyundai, Ssangyong, and Daihatsu. Well, you probably know they are well known automotive companies (Ssangyong not really) and that they’re all made by and imported from Korea. I’ll start by saying, I have nothing against Koreans. And if I did, be sure that other Asians get the same treatment. No offence to Korean people, but they just make the fucking shittest cars on the market. In this argument I’m going to exclude cars made in countries like Russia or Nigeria because they aren’t cars, they’re literal shitboxes, more so than Kia.

    Let’s take for example Ssangyong. It’s a well-known (to Koreans) car maker for designing and building four-wheel drive cars. The name literally means double dragons which from this point onwards we can just assume it really means double cocks by the look of the logo. Their cars are flat out shit. Poor drive quality, poor value, poor HP-to-tonne ratio and poor fucking design. Just Google Image yourself a Ssangyong right now. Look at that ugly motherfucker. Does it look like a bitch? It sure fucking does. By far they are the worst car makers among those four and funny enough, the fourth most POPULAR car maker in Korea.

    Let’s move a bit more onto other things.  Samsung. Okay, I’m not going to ball too hard on Samsung because they actually make some pretty decent products. The Omnia for example, shameless rip-off of the iPhone yet still pretty quality. Again, it’s time to take into consideration what Korean automotive companies do. They make cars, poor cars. I really don’t want to target them hard but it seems they are just trying to create products based on products that already exist and have gotten acclaim. They are trying to work off something that’s already worked well. Shameless copying? I think so.

    Now it’s not just Koreans here (fuck, I’ve deviated), nowadays we see a lot of companies trying to build success off other manufactures success by taking a product, reshelling it and implementing different systems onto it. Also, not just products, whole companies seem to have just copied something and tried to make it better. Here’s an extreme example:


    Steamrolling is funny. Especially when you steamroll everyone on the market. Then comes a new company which takes what you have, make it different and market it to a completely different group of people and somehow still effectively spread to other markets. It’s funny how it works for hardware and software but not for cars.

    Kia is a shithouse. A few months ago, a lady gave birth to her child on the way to hospital in their Kia. Which in turn the baby was named Kia. So for that, Kia decided to give them ANOTHER Kia car. What. The. Flying. Fuck. There is no good use in the world for having two Kia’s nor having a child named Kia. It would make good conversation however; “I see you have a Kia Rio. What else do you have” A Kia Soul and my little girl is named Kia. There is just so much shame in having to ever need to say that. God hates you if you ever did this or anything more so like it. Unless it’s a Bugatti Veyron. In which case, kudos to you good sir.

    I think I’ve gone a bit off topic with whatever I was going to originally blog about.

    So yeah, they just don’t give up. So they might not be all that bad you think and they do sell cars quite well (not Ssangyong and Daihatsu) but the fact remains is that they are terrible cars. They don’t have heart and soul. They’re pretty much fucking Protons but at least people think Protons are funny little cars. They should just go lie in a hole and die while crushes cube their vehicles and dump them over the bodies. The biggest coverup ever. Good idea.

    Happy new year everyone! Relatively not commemorative at all.

    (thanks to Jenny for the picture)

    I’m sick and tired of your shit. November 2, 2009

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    Edit: Geo started out this post, came up with the idea behind it, but when he returned to it, his brain flow stopped so he asked me to finish it for him. I decided to keep him as the post author as I want people to see this as his post rather than mine. He did the title, found and put in the picture, and wrote the first two paragraphs. I basically tried going off those for what  I wrote. I just hope it’s relevant. – Deft


    You know what? I’m sick of the internet. How much bullshit it pulls out of its ass every day. So here I say, fuck you internet, fuck you and your inglorious ways of removing us from society and the very banes of humanity itself.

    Want More? >>

    And so it begins.. October 18, 2009

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    Year 12. The big one. The big fucker driving a screwdriver up our ass. Yes, that’s right. That’s exactly how some of us feel and it’s going to be digging deeper. This only means that we here at Subtle Suspense team will be blogging even less (except for maybe Sally). So, you might not come here all the time, but try support us by visiting at least once a day to keep our views up and steady, and remember to spread our name around.

    After all, it’s for the greater good.