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Hurdlin’ is Hurtin’ May 9, 2013

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There were times when I laughed about it, snuggled with it and maybe even found myself infatuated with it. Just a little. Mother dearest always said that the ladies were catty, conniving and (for want of a better word beginning with ‘c’) manipulative, but now I know that the she-devil’s true name is Procrastination. Not woman, sorry Will.

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The Right Kind of Word Vomit March 4, 2011

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Being socially apt is natural to many and I’m often confronted by disbelief and admiration something in the absence of sympathy when I let slip to my dear fans that I am not the most articulate of people. No, that’s not putting it the right way. My articulation varies depending on the situation, which I’m sure applies to many who hide behind handles and other kinds of masks on the internet.

Oh, the metaphor

Take it from me, anyone can sound like a clever prat as long as they are tapping away on a keyboard. I would know. Give one as much time to respond with as little pressure as possible and you’ve got yourself someone who can seem like a completely capable human being.

Now, talking in real life – that right there’s a talent.

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Wasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabi! April 10, 2010

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So, a few days ago, myself, Deft and a couple other of friends from our school went on a jolly trip around our city, the beloved land, Sydney.

Yes, I’m a Commie bastard, but what can I say? I’m joking. I’m as far from Communism as Judaism can be.

I’m sorry, I’ll stop being so … anti-culturalistic. Wait, communism isn’t a culture…

AH, I’m off topic!

On topic!

So, we went to the city. Yes, yes we did. I’ll say, it was rather interesting. It was fun, and awesome, and fun. Strangely enough, we managed to spend a good 12 hours together doing God-knows-what. However, we must all agree that the highlight of the night was Alan eating Wasabi.

Boy, was it hilarious.

The real shit.



Don’t Get Even, Get on the Internet February 22, 2010

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Today’s been a tad bit of a roller coaster in school with mathematics teachers and whatnot going AWOL. So I thought I’d drop by, kicking my abnormally tiny heels into my high horse, and provide kind folks at home like yourselves with some light, evening entertainment.

Thanks Twitter, for making me feel better about myself for not using you

I’ve got three words for you – social networking. See what I did there? Drawing emphasis to the fact that my maths teacher left me, among others, to rot in a pit of failure. I kid, the replacement teacher is better and I was destined to fall into the abyss from the beginning. If you aren’t acquainted with this, uh… Integral element of the interwebs, you will be soon.

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A Little Crazy, But That’s Okay December 17, 2009

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Well, I’m back and trying to get back into the swing of things, by pumping out a few posts today. Even if nobody reads these, I feel that that nobody deserves something. Not really sure what the other two guys are doing with their time, nor do I really want to know, (you’re sick, facial, sick) but hey, I’ve come back from the dead, so hopefully that’s enough for now. Perhaps I should go about recruiting one or two more writers? Maybe more on that matter another time, but now it’s time for something that will, with some luck, make you reconsider my mental health. It’s always so comforting to know that people care, after all.

Now, boys and girls, remember to keep it in and out of your pants respectively, and keep those diapers on your babies because mess is such a fickle thing these days.

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Written With One Eye Closed September 5, 2009

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Goodnight, Moon

As I was walking home from the bus stop, the full moon caught my attention and I just stood on the spot gazing at it for a minute. I was going to take a photo, but the camera on my mobile phone just wouldn’t cut it. So, I went home, dumped my gear, located the camera and tripod, and went to a nearby park that was rather distanced from any street light. I sat on the grass, taking photos of the moon, never being satisfied with them. I ended up spending about an hour out there, cross-legged in a dark and empty park, with earphones in my ears, listening to Michael BublĂ© and taking very evidently amateur photographs. It was calming and elating, alone beneath the clear night sky with an indescribable moon magical in its presence. My camera wasn’t good enough to convey its majesty. This ended what shaped out to be a terrific day.

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