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A New Breed of Tyrant April 19, 2011

Posted by Charith in Observations.
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There’s a new (but not actually) popular kid on the block and they mean srs bidnezz serious business. It (because man nor woman would do it justice) has no real special talents that we admire and yet we still find ourselves craving its presence. Many, including myself, have claimed to loathe it, but eventually we submit to its alluring charms.

What is it?

Not cryptic at all

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Don’t Get Even, Get on the Internet February 22, 2010

Posted by Charith in Day-to-day happenings.

Today’s been a tad bit of a roller coaster in school with mathematics teachers and whatnot going AWOL. So I thought I’d drop by, kicking my abnormally tiny heels into my high horse, and provide kind folks at home like yourselves with some light, evening entertainment.

Thanks Twitter, for making me feel better about myself for not using you

I’ve got three words for you – social networking. See what I did there? Drawing emphasis to the fact that my maths teacher left me, among others, to rot in a pit of failure. I kid, the replacement teacher is better and I was destined to fall into the abyss from the beginning. If you aren’t acquainted with this, uh… Integral element of the interwebs, you will be soon.

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