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The Fight to See Bees June 26, 2010

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EDIT: Oh, and as a gift for everyone in general, I changed back the theme to good old Regulus. I don’t know what’s wrong with Kenzo, he has issues that need to be sorted out. I like my simple, white space, with everything nice and clean, thanks very much.

See bees not sea bees

For the large majority of you who I’m sure will understand that (look at yourself, reading a blog – if you don’t get it, you’re beyond help) the title doesn’t make sense. However, I think that’s A-OK because it’s all for a what I believe is a greatly magical cause.

It’s fast, (you know it) it’s furious (we’ll show it) and it’s your guilty pleasure – IT’S GEOFFREY!!! ¬†Yes indeed, it is Geo’s (I still cringe using that nickname) 18th birthday today. By international standards, he’s legal to get down to any well-organised, erotic business that comes his way and egad, how long it has taken!

Geoff, you’re so open and I love that because then I can easily….

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