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Bromance September 22, 2010

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I’m sitting here listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift and I just feel so sad that it’s over. After six years, I can’t believe that we all made it. Together. This will be a short post because there isn’t really much to say except that I miss everyone already. We may be an all boys’ school but the love is strong, or should I say, bromance. Last night I got a bit teary during the speeches, it’s hard to imagine how life will be afterwards without everyone being there. All the support over the years has kept me alive and happy, never a truly sad moment. From getting arvos for untucked shirts and a baby entering the Normo traditions, we’ve all had exciting moments. This is getting pretty fucking sentimental now.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you for everything.


Repent, repent, the end is near.. September 20, 2010

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Wow, time has gone past so fast, I haven’t had time to catch up on my work (not that I would). The last day of school has passed and now we’re faced with three weeks of hardcore study. I can sense the fat pulling on already from staying at home all day and cramming my head full of shit that I most probably won’t need to know once I’m done with the HSC. It’s times like this that you can’t help but reminisce the first time I stepped into Normo and witnessed the shittacular magic that is our school. Though, with the amount of crap I’ve been pumping into my body the last six years, I really can’t remember much. Analogies are thrown all over the place but the one particular one I personally like is using a proper dinner course. We’ve gotten the drinks out of the way, the entrée was a breeze to stuff down, the main was juicy and meaty and now we have dessert. Paincakes.. I mean pancakes.


FMH September 10, 2010

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Yes, I know. You thought it said FHM. FMH is something I came up with in a dream where I stabbed a lot of people because you know, it’s normal to have those dreams. Self-explanatory really, Fuck My HSC. I’m really not down with this whole concept of having thirteen years of work crammed into the ultimate examination period we will experience for years to come. It’s quite really a ton of bullshit. The gravity of this pile of bullshit will eventually turn on us and fling it at our face in which case we’ll all contract gonorrhea, pink eye, or syphilis, or possibly all of them.