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The Right Kind of Word Vomit March 4, 2011

Posted by Charith in Day-to-day happenings, Observations, Uncategorized.
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Being socially apt is natural to many and I’m often confronted by disbelief and admiration something in the absence of sympathy when I let slip to my dear fans that I am not the most articulate of people. No, that’s not putting it the right way. My articulation varies depending on the situation, which I’m sure applies to many who hide behind handles and other kinds of masks on the internet.

Oh, the metaphor

Take it from me, anyone can sound like a clever prat as long as they are tapping away on a keyboard. I would know. Give one as much time to respond with as little pressure as possible and you’ve got yourself someone who can seem like a completely capable human being.

Now, talking in real life – that right there’s a talent.

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