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A Little Crazy, But That’s Okay December 17, 2009

Posted by Charith in Day-to-day happenings.
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Well, I’m back and trying to get back into the swing of things, by pumping out a few posts today. Even if nobody reads these, I feel that that nobody deserves something. Not really sure what the other two guys are doing with their time, nor do I really want to know, (you’re sick, facial, sick) but hey, I’ve come back from the dead, so hopefully that’s enough for now. Perhaps I should go about recruiting one or two more writers? Maybe more on that matter another time, but now it’s time for something that will, with some luck, make you reconsider my mental health. It’s always so comforting to know that people care, after all.

Now, boys and girls, remember to keep it in and out of your pants respectively, and keep those diapers on your babies because mess is such a fickle thing these days.

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Change it and I’ll Kill You December 17, 2009

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Simple. Direct. Threatening.

I don't negotiate, I make the rules

It’s the perfect message to send to your children. Humans – the indecisive Pokemon. These Pokemon display the uncanny ability to plague the world with their own personal kicks. Don’t worry, I see how it is. I see how it is.

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