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MERRY… Oh Wait, Too Early October 27, 2009

Posted by Charith in Uncategorized.

Here, have some hot chocolate, on the house.

I was going to post the SNSD version of this, but I didn’t want people selling their souls to the devil just so that they might get more. It’d reflect badly on me. Also, I can’t be bothered being flamed by others. Anyway, nothing wrong with a little “eff of ex” to quote one slave.

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I like being older than you, but really, I’m not. October 27, 2009

Posted by Swifty in Uncategorized.

I know this topic may offend some, in particular Deft, but I assure you, it’s not directed at you.

Ah, the subtleties of acting older than your age, in an effort to make yourself appeal to people older than you, or perhaps one of our other writers, or ex-writer.

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Now That Was Just Unnecessary October 20, 2009

Posted by Charith in Observations.
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Whoever did that isnt as sharp as the sign

Whoever did that isn't as sharp as the sign

Like that 2 Girls 1 Cup thing That’s life for you. Chock full of a lot of things that you can honestly do without. Of course there’s the aspect that we’ll perform actions for the mere sake of wanting to because it makes us happier (I’m still trying to wrap my head around it) and apparently, or at least so I’m told, that’s what everybody’s looking for.

On the other, larger, hand (your hands aren’t the same size – it’s freaky) there are those who will, for reasons deemed unworthy by the global majority, include pointless features in their works and even the way in which they carry themselves from day to day.

Let’s role play a little…

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And so it begins.. October 18, 2009

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Year 12. The big one. The big fucker driving a screwdriver up our ass. Yes, that’s right. That’s exactly how some of us feel and it’s going to be digging deeper. This only means that we here at Subtle Suspense team will be blogging even less (except for maybe Sally). So, you might not come here all the time, but try support us by visiting at least once a day to keep our views up and steady, and remember to spread our name around.

After all, it’s for the greater good.

I like your face. Like, really. October 2, 2009

Posted by Swifty in Uncategorized.

A couple of days ago, I had a wonderful chat with a dear friend of mine. It really was wonderful, but the problem was, he felt rather angry. He was angry at himself, this dude, and everyone else.

But the reason for him being angry was because he hated how every human on this planet seems to have two faces. I know what he means. I get sick of faces too.

But faces are what we need. We need a mask to hide behind, a mask to wear when we’re scared and a mask to wear when we’re no longer afraid. It’s just who we are.
But my problem with faces is this; some people have far too many.
For example, one person I know, but shall not name, has so many facets, it’s hard to keep up. He gets on everyone’s nerves for this reason. All he does is lie to our faces.

But faces are quite nice, so I shall still say faces are what we are.

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